Telephone Etiquette Cards

Did you know the average 350-bed hospital receives 500,000 telephone calls per month?

That’s a multitude of public interaction! Don’t allow your facility’s phone calls to be missed opportunities to share who you are and what your organization offers!

When customers call your facility, what do they hear? How many callers are sent to the wrong person, hung up on or lost in the system to fend for themselves?

Share with your staff the recipe for effective telephone communication. Clint Maun’s Telephone Etiquette Cards remind your staff how to professionally and proactively respond to customers, their comments and concerns.

  • Side One of these 3" x 8" cards prompts users with the Keys for Providing Effective Customer Service on the telephone
  • Side Two provides a roadmap for effectively communicating with an angry caller

Present your staff with a comfort zone for effective communication. Experience the opportunities proper telephone etiquette offers in making and keeping customers. Use as cue cards for difficult communication.

Quantity Note: Cards come packaged as a 100 count set.

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