The 7 Keys to Personal Success and Happiness in a Healthcare Job (DVD)

Using the wrong strategies on the wrong problem is a similar mistake many healthcare professionals make. The truth is, if you’re not using the right solution for the corresponding problem, it too, becomes a worthless attempt. That’s where the 7 Keys come in.

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  • “This was wonderful -- I look forward to sharing ideas and concepts with others at work!”
    -- Washington Association of Housing and Services for the Aging (WAHSA) Winter Conference 2006 Participant

  • “Greetings! Wanted to say thank you, Muchos! I attended your live taping in Omaha of the '7 Keys to Happiness in a Healthcare Setting.' You may remember me as the ADON, or 'Princess of Healing' as you put it... thanks again for making me feel like I'm not the ‘odd one’ just because I’d rather be positive or joke around than frown or cry.”
    -- M.K. Omaha, NE

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